Common work spaces-what is it? And what are the main advantages?

Common work spaces are longer than the trend. Many businesses join the process and the work of the working spaces is here to stay. Before we discuss the revolution in question, we should first understand the meaning of common work spaces.

What are shared work spaces?

Common work spaces are a common work environment, in which different details and companies are stored under the same roof. Unlike private offices, shared work spaces work on a clear principle and is the principle of cooperation. Most businesses are small, startups, freelance, and many others do not always manage to find a fixed and orderly place where they can work in maximum comfort and provide their employees with maximum conditions. Common work spaces are undoubtedly the ultimate solution for this market segment. In a shared work space you will get a room, desk or private office with full access to the most complex services, including access to a conference room, kitchen, management and maintenance services, lounge and a variety of attractive services and various surprises. Some of the work spaces are open 24/7, with the site’s staff working at conventional hours, which gives the tenants maximum and flexible freedom of work.

Co-working spaces

Terms of payment in shared work space-

While the payment for private offices is just going to be a lot cheaper, the communal work space is much lower and offers you one package that has everything. This is an excellent opportunity to maximize your terms and resources at a minimum cost.

The terms of payment in shared work spaces are considered more comfortable and more affordable and are not required for a long period of commitment. The payment for use of the place and its services is determined by the type of Office/table/location and the services offered. Most of the work spaces allow their partners to choose between a monthly or daily payment, and the cancellation will take place at 30 days in advance.  

An important parameter in the payment terms is the location of the shared working space. The work spaces located in Tel Aviv are considered more expensive, while the spaces located close to it are the location and price. “Location, location, location.” In the end, it all depends on your budget. The main goal is that you will feel as comfortable as possible without exceeding your budget. There are a lot of common work spaces that can fit exactly your needs. 

Shared work spaces give a sense of peace to their tenants. No more fooling about design and some new desk to buy for business. No more tampering with the bills and logistics – building maintenance, electricity, arnona, Internet and other fees. In common work spaces you just come to work, without breaking your head and everything else is already included in the enclosure.

Joint Activity and Mutual partnership

A more conspicuous need to be expressed in common work spaces is our fierce need as human beings to society. In common work spaces you will no longer feel alone. The daily encounters with businesses and companies from different backgrounds and disciplines will probably lead to companies, partnerships and social activities. Beyond you can find someone to talk to and with whom to eat lunch, you’ll have a beautiful opportunity for a shared- networkingEndeavor.

Business Authority (networking) is a marketing approach that uses social encounters of businessmen and business owners from various backgrounds, for the purpose of creating social networks that may lead to collaborations and business opportunities (Vayedia). In fact, the common space creates among partners approximation – creating an excellent opportunity to develop different business and collaboration relationships.

Looking for a working space in the center? The kibbutz offers 2 magnificent complexes – at the TASE and Ben Gurion in Ramat Gan. We offer our partners spacious private offices furnished and decorated in different sizes. The monthly payment is in the “all Inclusive” format, including Arnona, management fees, electricity, water and more. We are the values of the beautiful land of Israel: mutual help, friendship and maintaining respect and proper behavior. The working areas of the kibbutz are pleasant and energetic, and especially have a good atmosphere and a friendly of mutual guarantees.


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