Co-Working Spaces While Covid-19: The Perfect Way To Continue To Work And Grow In A Challenging Period.

Co-working spaces are the strongest trend in the flexible working world. They allow millions of employees around the world to find a quiet and orderly corner where they can think of the next idea, program without distractions, and meet with customers in impressive and well-equipped meeting rooms without paying a fortune for renting a personal office. Even today, during the covid-19 crisis, these spaces can be used and created a safe personal space for efficient work.

The difficulty of working from home

During the Covid-19, many moved to work from home and remembered the challenges of the home space that led them from the beginning to work from the office. The children running around from corner to corner while having an important conversation with a customer, the family members expect you to do a few more chores at home before settle down to work, the pets that have to be tempted and the temptation to postpone a few more tasks for tomorrow because there are important sports games. All these have led you to rent a private office or find Co-working spaces that will allow you to work silently.

Much more lucrative than a private office rental.

When you rent a private office the expenses are piling up, you must pay rent, electric bill, and take care of the staff, buy coffee and milk and of course purchase all the furniture and appliances. On the other hand, when you come to work within a Co-working spaces all of these supplements are included in the price. You reach a place with a fully equipped kitchen and a pampering coffee maker, disposable cups, impressive and comfortable furniture and multi-participant video and audio services, as well as print and fax services. Just think about how much of these services are costing when you own a private office and you must pay all these bills from your own money.

Today, even the prices that are charged by companies that make up the Co-working spaces are lower. You can work with hundreds of Dollars a month in a personal position and hire a private office at very low prices. It is likely that in the future prices will rise again, but in a period where most businesses fight for their existence, the office savings can be crucial to the continued survival of the company.

Maximum use flexibility

Co-working spaces also provide great flexibility to large companies that usually rent in whole buildings. In the Covid-19 period, a substantial portion of the work has taken out workers, and now with the increasing of the Dismissals, the manpower is reduced. Co-working spaces enable you to expand or decrease the area designated for employees who share an open space, and also provide the board members with personal and private offices. Meetings with customers can be carried out on a regular basis in Zoom, with a particularly high-speed Internet or spacious meeting rooms that allow you to maintain two meters and up between one sitting space and another.

The furniture inside the common enclosure is personally tailored to the amount of workers in each of the internal panes. For example, if you need five chairs and five tables divided between three offices in one month, and then you can only settle for three chairs and one long table in this office, the furniture will be replaced in a place as needed.

Fortunately, in this challenging time, when everyone is more aware of the importance of personal space, the work spaces themselves are adapted for safe work. We’ll expand on it a little:

Adjust the Co-working spaces with several employees at the same time

The internal division of the workspace varies. Today, instead of a staff of staff sharing a table, there will be longer tables and private rooms. There will be a strict safeguard for work throughout the day with masks, disinfection of the work surfaces and the common spaces throughout the day and alcohogel to the workers in the area. All this is to enable you to work in optimal conditions without risking your health. The shared kitchen will be limited to one person at a time, when disinfection towels will allow you to use it safely. In some of the common compounds, the kitchen will temporarily close, but you can have access to make coffee.

Your clients don’t care where you’re located right now.

It is important to remember that during this time, most transactions are carried out online, business meetings and large sales close by Zoom and many are still in the quarantine. Right now, it doesn’t matter where your office is. You will be able to find impressive work spaces at an attractive price close to the home or the former workplace. Within only one day you can transfer your business activity to the new place. After the challenging period is over and life will return to be as they were, you may find that the replacement for your personal office or work from home is more lucrative for you. Some of the Co-working spaces can be more impressive than your old office, and your business has a more professional and impressive look to customers who arrive or see you by Zoom.

The perfect combination

Co-Working spaces While Covid-19 are undoubtedly the perfect combination-maintaining health and ensuring the guidelines of agreement with utmost flexibility in a period of uncertainty. A lucrative price that saves thousands of dollars. Central location and accessible. In summary, the Co-working spaces while Covid-19 are the best option for small businesses and start-ups and large organizations that want maximum flexibility. They allow you to enjoy all the benefits of a new and well-equipped space, print and Internet services, comfortable and impressive furniture and a place where each company can grow. All of this, with full control of the budget and the possibility to change the number of seats according to the employees. Many businesses are likely to change the way they have worked so far, and will think of many more ways to become more productive and to promote themselves in ways that have not previously been used.

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